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Wasteland Weekend absolutely could not happen without the help of our dedicated volunteers. Join our crew, and help the event grow bigger and better each year. Our volunteers are the backbone of the event, and get the benefit of a fully-comped ticket, and most positions will receive an exclusive Wasteland Weekend volunteer dog tag, as well as a department patch and year rocker (where applicable). But for most of our volunteers who come back year after year, it’s about the camaraderie and the satisfaction of working behind the scenes at the biggest immersive post-apocalyptic show on Earth!

The best part of volunteering is that in addition to helping the event run smoothly, you will absolutely have plenty of time to experience Wasteland! We make sure of that.
It’s why you’re out there with us all in the first place!

Sound like your kind of gig?  Then read on!



Fully Comped Ticket – 16 Hour Commitment (most positions)
Volunteers who contribute a total of 16 hours or more will receive a fully comped ticket (most positions).
These hours will usually be broken into two shifts of 8 hours each. THERE ARE A FEW EXCEPTIONS, and not all positions will have a specific 16 hour commitment, but that should be noted in the job description or information from your team lead. When you complete an eight hour shift, you will be given a break of at least 30 minutes so that you can go eat lunch/dinner/whatever. After you are confirmed for your volunteer position, your team lead will let you know when your shifts are scheduled.

For example, if you perform at AND volunteer for the same event, you will only receive one comp ticket.
You can read more about comp tickets at the very bottom of the page.

Do NOT buy a ticket if you expect to volunteer
We fully expect to get back to all applicants as to whether we will be able to use you as a volunteer for this event. Everyone who applies will hear from us (either way), with enough time to purchase a ticket at the tier/price you originally applied during. An example would be if you applied during Tier 2, but don’t hear back until Tier 3, you would still be able to purchase a Tier 2 price ticket.

If for some reason you DID buy a ticket and then are confirmed to volunteer, then yes, we will refund your purchase. But it’s much easier for us (and for you) if you simply wait for your volunteer confirmation. If for some reason we were to sell out all tickets before your volunteer app is processed, you WILL still be allowed to buy a ticket, even if the event is sold out (provided you submitted your application while tickets were still on sale).


The success and smooth operation of the event depends on a committed and reliable volunteer army.  We welcome your help, but please apply only if you are confident you can fulfill the role.   

Please show up on time for your shift. You may not volunteer while under the influence, so plan your fun accordingly. If you show up drunk or otherwise unprepared for your position, you will be replaced and treated as a no-show. And while Wasteland is all about some kind of costume at all times, please dress in a way that fits the theme but, more importantly, allows you to do your job well. Your volunteer shift may not be the best time to strap on all your prop weapons and accessories (or that face mask that makes it difficult for people to understand you when you talk). On the flip side, wearing too little can be unsafe for certain tasks. 

No-Shows will not be tolerated. Last minute cancellations and poor performance may result in you having to pay for your comped ticket, and can lead to exclusion from future volunteer opportunities.

And obviously, please follow any/all official event rules.


“I submitted my app.  What happens next?”

–> IMPORTANT:  After you’ve submitted an application, you’ll be sent to a “Thank You” page, and you will immediately receive an automated email receipt.
(If you don’t receive it within 5 minutes, check your spam folder.)
If you hit the submit button and it sends you back to the top of the page, it means there is a missing or incorrect entry somewhere.  It’s usually highlighted.
Your application won’t go anywhere until you get the “Thank You” page.

It is only a confirmation that you have successfully submitted your application.

Phase 1:  Applications go live, and apps are sent to Team Leads for review. If a position gets a large number of responses, we may announce it as closed early.

Phase 2:  Team Leads finalize their selections.  Applicants are rerouted to their next choice or a high-priority position if needed.  Volunteers will receive emails confirming approval or rerouting, as needed.

Chosen volunteers MUST complete a confirmation step before they will be fully approved, scheduled, and provided a ticket.  Not completing this step will result in cancellation of volunteer approval, and you will be replaced.

Phase 3:  Team Leads and Volunteer Coordinator start scheduling volunteers.  Approved volunteers will receive an email with more information.  Volunteer comp tickets will be issued at this point as well.  If a confirmed volunteer needs a refund from a previously purchased ticket, they will be able to do so then. ALL Wasteland attendees use a ticket from the official ticketing system. If you’re someone with a comped admission, you will still use the ticket that is sent to you.

Final phase:  Final emails go out to all confirmed volunteers with position, schedule, and reporting location during event information. We make every attempt to get through these phases as fast as possible, but with hundreds of volunteers and a lot of moving parts, this phase may not happen until very close to the event.

Onsite During the Event:  Once onsite and settled, volunteers are required to report to Command Center, or to your designated Team Lead (you’ll know if this applies to you).  Schedules and onsite contact info will be double-checked.
This is also how you’ll get your Volunteer dogtag and if applicable, crew patches/rockers for the year!

2023’s double-sided crew dogtag
An example of a Command Center volunteer patch, with various year rockers

–> IMPORTANT:  Those who do not check in at Command Center or with Team Leads may be considered no-shows, will not receive volunteer souvenirs, and might not be allowed to volunteer in the future.

“What if this is my first time at Wasteland?”

Wonderful, thank you for joining us!  
Volunteering is a great way to jump right in and get to know the layout and feel of the event. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before the event, but please also familiarize yourself with our event rules too.

“How do you pick which applicants get approved?”

Ultimately the event’s success depends on our volunteers, at all levels.  We will definitely have fewer spots to fill than applicants, so we choose who seems the best fit for the position, to the best of our ability.  But there are some other factors that help too.

Some positions are extremely popular, so we tend to fill those roles with people having relevant experience or background in those areas (like the Atomic Cafe and Body Shop).

Some positions require a special certification, like Medical, and specialty equipment operators and drivers. Those positions will ONLY be filled by those with the relevant, valid certification/license.  Any special requirements are noted in the position listing.

We don’t prioritize based on who filled out an app first.  But positions do fill up fast.  
So don’t wait til July to fill out an app.


Go-Go Dancers and other performers need to use the Performer application (when it goes live) HERE



If you have any questions about a particular role or the volunteer process, send a note to our Volunteer Coordinator (volunteers@wastelandweekend.com)

Thank you for wanting to be a part of the Wasteland Weekend team!


Off-season build: 4 days of off-season build are required to earn one comp ticket. Extra days past those 4 days do not earn extra tickets.

On-site build: 4 days required for one comp ticket.

During-event volunteering: 2 shifts required to earn one comp ticket.

Trash Panda: 2 days required to earn one comp ticket (or refund).

Teardown: 4 days required to earn one comp ticket (or refund) AND one bonus comp ticket (or refund).

As you can see above, working teardown is the only way you can earn more than one comp ticket or refund.

If you volunteer for two roles, such as 4 days of off-season build plus 2 shifts during the event (or you are also a performer or someone that would get a comp ticket via another channel), you DO NOT earn more than one comp ticket to the event.

The ONLY path to earning more than one comped admission or refund per event is to be part of the teardown crew.

The maximum comp tickets anyone can earn per event is 2 (and the only way you get to 2 is to be part of the teardown crew).

The maximum number of comp tickets you can earn PER YEAR is 4, and this would be done by doing teardown at both events or some combination of another role plus teardown at both events.

Any and all comp tickets or bonus tickets or refunds must be used within 1 year of earning them, or they are no longer valid.

Finally, a reminder we do not want volunteers to buy tickets. You will be issued a volunteer ticket once you are confirmed. The only exception are teardown and trash panda volunteers, who must buy their ticket prior to the event and then get it refunded after their role is complete (so that they can’t simply no-show for their duties after getting into the event for free).

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