Volunteer Positions

“Yes!  I definitely want to be a part of this madness!”

Excellent.  Let’s see what works for you.  And please make note of any special requirements before you apply.


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Please do not select a job on the application without first familiarizing yourself with its requirements.
NOTE: Positions marked “FULL” and/or crossed out have received more applications than we have spots and are no longer available – but if you have already applied and haven’t heard back, you may still be in consideration for that role.



Body Shop Host

Greets and invites attendees into the Body Shop for free make-over services. Reviews the design choices and schedules flow of service traffic to the next available hair or makeup artist. If you’re outgoing and a bit of a stylist, this would be a great position for you. This is a daylight position.

Body Shop Hair Artist

Cut, style, and primp up the hairs of the Wasteland! Cosmetology license not required, but preferred. Preference given to those who provide links/photos as portfolio samples. This is a daylight position.

Body Shop Makeup Artist

This can be battle makeup, warpaint, blood & dirt, and more. Preference given to those who provide links/photos as portfolio samples. Wasteland will provide the makeup supplies but you are welcome to bring some of your own tools if they can be kept hygienic/sterile. This is a daylight position.

Body Shop Henna Artist

Bring some grace to the wastes. Professional  henna artists will use industry approved products to stain the masses. This is a daylight position.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: MUST provide link to portfolio examples in order to be considered.


Check-In aka Gate

Would you like to be one of the first faces that Wastelanders see upon arrival?  Are you good with people while staying on task?  Come join the Check-in Department!  Greets and checks all individuals into event at the gate. Checks IDs and scans tickets. Distributes waivers and verifies for legible and correct submission of information. Applies wristbands. Can answer questions regarding the basic layout of event site. This position requires a significant amount of time walking and standing during your shift, sometimes on uneven/unstable ground.  Volunteers should maintain an excellent awareness of their surroundings since we are playing in traffic (kinda)! This position can also have significant weather exposure to both heat and cold, as well as possible high levels of dust and wind. This position will require some training time in the months before the event, either in person (preferred) or via video.

Traffic Control

Handles a variety of vehicular traffic jobs including guiding people onto site, managing the general and special parking areas and directing folks how to get to camping areas. If you’re friendly, reliable, and willing to stand out in the sun, you’re probably ready for the job.


Info Tire Attendant

Stays at the Info Tire (information booth at the Command Center) offering general event information, and assisting with various Command Center projects like Volunteer Check-In. Available for both day and night hours. This is a great job for someone who already has a pretty good knowledge of locations in Wasteland City and the workings of the event.


Runs errands for Command Center staff and helps with anything that comes up. Sometimes reassigned to fill in other volunteer roles as needed. May include occasional heavy lifting, carrying, and working with your hands, or simple tasks like fetching items from other areas onsite.

Rations Runner

Walks between volunteer stations to distribute water, electrolyte drinks, and snacks to volunteers. This position will require a lot of walking (possibly in high daytime heat) and regular communication with Command Center staff, Dispatch, and volunteers.

Errand Runner with Vehicle

Holds a valid driver’s license and owns a dependable, insured vehicle with moderate carrying capacity (must be able to load up with things like bags of ice, crates of water bottles, fuel cans, full bags of garbage, etc). You will be on standby at Command Center to make runs into town (approximately one run every day). You will be a designated driver. You -must not- drink alcohol or otherwise become unfit for driving. Must be available and sober from Wednesday morning to Saturday night.

Command Center Admin

Helps run volunteers and multiple aspects of the event from our Command Center (previous Wasteland Command Center experience required).


Manages walkie-talkies/radios and monitors radio activity in support of the Command Center Supervisor during the event. Checks radios and accessories in and out, refreshes batteries as needed. Also assists Command Center team with admin duties as time permits.

Atomic Cafe Server

Cafe servers mix drinks from donated supplies at our free community bar (taking BYOB to the next level). Shifts will take place at sunset and run late, Thursday thru Saturday. There will be mandatory training for ALL Atomic Cafe staff. You must be on time and functional, and be prepared to work for your entire shift. Intoxication at any point during your shift will result in your dismissal and a ban on future volunteering. (Atomic Cafe jobs include a view of the main stage entertainment). Prior bartending experience a major plus, so let us know.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: You must be 21 years old or older to work this position.

Atomic Cafe Shift Lead

Oversees operations of the bar and supervises the servers. Serves beverages as needed during peak periods. Ensures the bar is secured at the end of shift. Shifts will be after dark, Wednesday thru Saturday. There will be mandatory training for ALL Atomic Cafe staff. Prior bartending or bar management experience needed. (Atomic Cafe jobs include a view of the main stage entertainment)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: You must be 21 years old or older to work this position.

Assistant to the Event Director

Shadows the Event Director (Jared) for the duration of the event, taking notes, relaying messages, etc.. Likely two or more people in order to fill entire block of event time and leave time to enjoy the event. Minimal duties prior to the event. Some experience in the entertainment industry or in festival organizing preferred.


Stage Tech

Arrives before the stage opens for the night and checks gear with the light board operator and sound engineer and assists them and the stage supervisor throughout the evening. Helps bands get their gear on and off stage (roadie). Also needed are stage techs that can help set up in the days BEFORE the event begins

Assistant to Performer Coordinator

Assists our existing Performer Coordinator and/or Entertainment Director onsite throughout the weekend, helping with wrangling non-music performers and facilitating shows at both the main stage and other performance areas.


Film Festival Video Projectionist

Sits at the Film Festival theater area during the duration of the showings to make sure there are no problems with the equipment. Does not need to be able to set up or fix the equipment, just cover basic operation.


Porto Coordinator

Helps coordinate private portapotty rentals and placement (but NOT cleaning – don’t worry). Experience at previous Wasteland Weekends highly preferred.


Monitors the use of the large community dumpsters during specified hours (Does not personally handle trash). Must be available all day Sunday and able to stay Sunday night after the event. Must be able to handle cash in a responsible manner.


Medical Supervisor

Requirements:1-year volunteering in Wasteland Medical as a Medical Provider. Interview with Medical Management Staff. Current Provider Certification. Supervises care and is responsible for ensuring Providers have all the relevant tools and supplies needed for the care of patients. Manages a list of patient care reports and compiles end-of-shift numbers and patient care categories to Shift Manager for inclusion in the workdays report. Informs Medical Manager (or Shift Manager) of any transports to higher medical care. Any duties required during the course of their shift.

Medical Provider

Provides first aid, medical care, and assistance under the direction of the Medical Services Manager. Facilitates transfer to local medical facilities and assistance to onsite medical personnel from County Fire Dept when appropriate. Shifts will be scheduled by the Medical Services Manager. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must hold current certification as a: Medical Doctor (ER/Trauma a plus), Nurse (RN), or EMT-B/EMT-A/EMT-P, current BLS. If you are not licensed in California, you must hold National Certification. It is recommended that you have professional liability insurance for this event. If you do not, you can find affordable insurance at: http://www.hpso.com/ NOTE: If you are an LVN or LPN you cannot provide patient care outside a hospital/hospice setting in Kern County, you must volunteer as a Scribe (see below).

Medical Scribe

Works in the Medical Tent and on Patrols documenting patient care of attendees by medical staff. Positions within Scribe: Radio Dispatcher, Patient Check-in.

Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness volunteers provide mental and emotional health advocacy services to ensure diversity and inclusion for Wasteland Medical patients. Diversity and inclusion are about recognizing, respecting, and valuing differences based on gender, race, skin color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, physical ability, and sexual orientation. Wellness volunteers also provide one-on-one care to persons experiencing emotional and mental health emergencies. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Experience in Psychological Care, and emergencies or Counseling are preferred for in-person care positions.

Medical Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of Wasteland Medical. Logistics helps Providers keep medical supplies and equipment stocked, makes runs into town for extra supplies if needed, and maintains supplies in the break room. (But cleaning up after yourself is still a must, Logistics isn’t your mama!) Build and Tear Down Crew is also an important part of Logistics. If you are chosen you get to arrive early and stay late! But keep in mind you are required to be on your best behavior at all times if you volunteer for this position. (Medical Build and Teardown DO NOT count as official volunteer hours)



Performs non-confrontational duties, including wristband checks. Observes and reports as needed under the supervision of the Security Manager. Will probably require significant time walking during shift, all security personnel should EXPECT to have a night or graveyard shift (however some of the overnight shifts will be shorter and still count as a FULL SHIFT, so working overnights can result in fewer total hours). May require filling out incident reports and working alongside the Security Manager with local law enforcement. This is an OBSERVE AND REPORT JOB ONLY. Let us know if you have a current GUARD CARD (Not required, but preferred)


On-Site Build Crew

This is THE job if you want to help build Wasteland City on site! Assembles and erects major set pieces (stage, gates, various counters, shelters, and structures). Mechanical, electrical, or fabrication experience preferred, but not required.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Must be able to arrive onsite the Friday BEFORE Wasteland, and work (sometimes in hot temperatures) until the job is done.


The first boots on the ground, ahead of the event and working until the gates open. Outriders are our elite build crew, working on pretty much every project there is.
If you have the availability to join us and the drive to work hard, then choose the outriders team and make sure to detail each of the days you will be available in the Pre-Build, Build, and Teardown sections of the Volunteer Application.

Pre-Event Load-Up Crew

Gets to our holding yard in California City in early September to pack and load trucks and trailers. Requires heavy lifting and endurance in possible hot temperatures. Should be in good physical condition.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: This is a dedicated role. Load-Up Crew members should not accept any additional volunteer roles. (This one gets your work done BEFORE the event and then you can enjoy yourself!)

Boundary Crew

Responsible for putting up the event boundaries, and roping off designated parking and camping areas. Arrives first and gets boundaries set up to keep the event secure. This is a very physical job, you can think of it as “arm day”, every day. They pound t-posts, set rope, and when they finish they jump into build crew and help where they are needed most. 
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Must be able to work BOTH weekends PRIOR to the event.

Power and Networking (Wasteland Power Corps)

Power Crew: You will be responsible for deploying the power and network grids at the event. Very little experience is needed in the electrical or IT fields as most of the work is plugging in large extension cords and CAT-5 network cables. The power crew is a pre-event build crew position (not available during the event) and requires cable lifting and some ladder/climb tasks.


The depot team knows where all the materials are on site that we use to build the city, and they take care of getting those items out to the crew.

Trash Panda

Post-event cleanup. This crew walks the event site making sure no trash is left behind, leaving it clean for next year. Fairly low impact, and does not require heavy lifting. Must be in a physical condition where walking is not an issue.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Position requires volunteer to remain on site Monday AND Tuesday AFTER the event.

Burn Watch Crew

Starts, tends, and feeds the event’s official burn barrels and fires. Ensures fires are properly extinguished at the end of each night. Must be able to carry firewood and maintain safety.  (This is not related to fire performances.)

Tear Down Crew (with extra bonus)

Post-Event teardown, load-out, and logistics. Involves dismantling of Wasteland structures, loading/unloading trailers, and site cleanup. This is a highly physical job that sometimes involves working in hot temperatures. This is the legendary TEAR DOWN CREW. The ones who bring the City down and return the site to empty desert when it’s all over. Amazing camaraderie and hard work that begins when the rest of Wasteland has left. If you commit to this, you are one of our heroes, but you sure as hell need to SHOW UP. Do NOT volunteer for this job if there is any chance of you bailing on it at the last minute. 
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Position requires volunteer to be on site for FOUR DAYS starting the Monday after the event. So Monday through Thursday (and if you can stay longer, that’s even better). After wrap-up is complete, an additional paid ticket for a friend of your choice will be refunded (from the CURRENT year) OR you can receive a voucher for yourself for NEXT YEAR. In total, two tickets will be awarded for those who fulfill this role. 
NOTE: This is one of the few (often only) volunteer positions that awards TWO tickets for the event (because you’re working 4 days, not just 2 days).

Sign Crew

Arrives the Friday BEFORE the event begins. Places and removes signage on site as needed so that Wastelanders can find their way to and from the event site, and around the city.

Logistics - Equipment operators

Experience behind the wheel of various equipment, and enjoy grueling days in the sun picking up and putting down, soaking roads, driving trailers? If you like to operate machinery (such as VR telehandling forklifts, dust abatement water trucks, front end loaders, trenchers, and gooseneck/ bumper pull 30 foot + trailers) in various capacities please submit information relating to your experience in addition to what you would be looking to do. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. This role can span up to 2 weeks prior and 1 week after the event.

Logistics - Load Specialist

Do you know your way safely around heavy equipment? This is a role providing support to our equipment operators. Properly securing trailer loads, assisting load management, keeping additional eyes/hands open for the operators. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. This role takes place up to 2 weeks before and 1 week after the event.

Assistant to the Chief of Operations

Shadows the Chief Of Operations for the duration of the event, taking notes, relaying messages, etc.. Likely two or more people in order to fill entire block of event time and leave time to enjoy the event. Minimal duties prior to the event. Some experience in the entertainment industry or in festival organizing preferred.


Digital Image Tech/Camera Assistant

Transfer files from film crew data cards to hard drives during event. Maintain proper data workflow. Monitor charging of camera batteries.  This is for our in-house official Wasteland documentary crew.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Must have own laptop.

Film/Video Crew

Capture footage of various things during event. All raw video footage to be supplied daily to DIT. This is a videography position and not a photographer role. This is for our in-house official Wasteland documentary crew. Works both daytime and night time hours.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have own pro HD equipment. Highlight reel will need to be submitted for consideration.

Film Audio Tech

Capture high quality live audio of events and attendees during in the field interviews. This is for our in-house official Wasteland documentary crew.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Boom, mic and recorder required. Samples of work required for consideration.

Video Editor

Create high quality videos from footage taken at the event by official film crew. Assemble, color correct, and prepare final files for multiple formats from raw footage taken at event. You will need to supply either 8 thirty second clips or 2 two minute clips. Hard drive of raw footage will be supplied to you after end of event. First version of edits will need to be submitted for review by November 1 with all final edits completed by December 1. This is for our in-house official Wasteland documentary crew.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Highlight reels will need to be submitted for consideration.

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