Want to be an Official War Boy?

Have you wanted to volunteer for Wasteland Weekend, but none of the available positions involved enough body paint, war cries, baggy pants, and yelling (playful) taunts at passersby?
Well here’s your chance!

Wasteland Weekend is looking for new, official War Boys and Imperators. This volunteer performer position gets you a complimentary ticket to the event, and the required hours are flexible!

Duties include standing watch on the War Rig at the Wasteland City Gates, interacting with Wastelanders who walk by, posing for pictures, and participating in Opening of the Gate ceremonies. We do require you to have your own costume and makeup, be able to climb to the top of the stationary War Rig, and stand for lengths of time in the sun. (Water, gatorade, snacks, and popsicles are provided!)

We consider “War Boy” to be gender neutral, so anybody can apply. Shifts are 16 hours for a complimentary event ticket. This can possibly be combined with other volunteer positions if coordinated with those Team Leads. Shifts are usually in sets of two hours, with multiple breaks, and can be spread out or done back-to-back.

You’ll be joining a great, very supportive group of Official War Boys who’ve been doing this for years. They’re happy to provide costuming and makeup tips, and they get together to apply War Boy paint before shifts, so you’ll have some help if the makeup part makes you hesitate.

[While there is a lot of overlap, Official War Boys are separate from the Order of the V8 War Boy tribe. You do not have to be in the Order of the V8 to be an official War Boy.]

So, how do you apply?

Please send an email with photos of you in your costume (or your work-in-progress costume) to performers@wastelandweekend.com. Props like thundersticks will be provided, but you can submit photos of your own for approval.

There are limited slots available, so apply now!

By Our Deeds \8/

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