Wasteland Entry Etiquette


photo by Keri Kilgo

What to know when you go!

Entry Protocol:

As you hopefully know by now, Wasteland Weekend opens to the public at 7:00am, Thursday, September 22nd.  If you do not have a valid early access pass, you will not be allowed on site prior to then!

You may begin to line up on Rice Road at 12:01am, Thursday, September 22nd.  Our awesome Check In team will be out there to guide you, but so there aren’t any surprises, here’s some general guidelines!

-Prior to 12:01am, you will be turned back to California City to wait.  Please do not try to “jump” the line by arriving early.  You will be asked to leave the site, and return at 12:01am.

-The line begins on the west side of Rice Ave.  Do not line up to the East.

-Please line up on the LEFT lane of Rice Road.  Keep the right side clear for departing vehicles and emergency vehicles.

-Once the line reaches Pomona Ave., we will begin to line up down Pomona Ave.

-The gate will open at 7:00am.

-Everyone must stop at the gate, including re-entering attendees/volunteers/staff.  If you have already checked in, stop at the gate to allow the Check In team to see your wristbands.  DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE GATE WITHOUT STOPPING.  Security will pursue any vehicle that does not stop at the Check In gate.

Tips & Tricks

-If you are approved for Early Access, we will have your name on a list at Check In.  You will not receive a separate early arrival ticket.  If you are unsure you are approved for Early Access, please check with your tribe lead, or volunteer coordinator.

-If you are approved for Early Access, that approval is for you only.  Everyone in your vehicle must be approved for Early Access individually!  If someone in your vehicle is not approved, they will be asked to leave the site, and return when the event opens to the public.  However, they can drop you off at Check In if you need to be on site early, and are approved.

-The speed limit on Rice Ave is 10mph.  Remember that the Check In team, and the Security team are often walking in the road directing traffic.

-Pay attention to the Check In team!  They are there to get you into the event as fast and safely as possible.  If they are telling you to move your car over, move it!  If they tell you to stop, stop!!

-Stay with your vehicle.  You can get out and socialize with your immediate neighbors, but please do not leave the close area.  This is for your safety, and to keep the line from slowing down when we can’t find a car owner.  If a car is abandoned, and we cannot find the owner after a reasonable time, it may be removed.

-Do not set up any structures while you are waiting in line.  This includes tents, pop ups, shade structs, etc..  The entry line is a public road, and is NOT a campground.  We do not have permission to set up any structures in the entry line.

-Turn off your car!  The line will take awhile.  If you run out of gas in the line, it slows everything down, and it’s hard on your car.  Roll down your windows, step outside, say hi to your neighbors.

-Bring water/snacks.  Again, you may be waiting a while, be prepared!

-Rice and Pomona are public roads, NOT the event. Please do not break any laws regarding driving and public area, such as consuming alcohol.

-You do NOT have to be in costume to enter the event.  You can arrive in your normal clothes and change once you have found your camp site.

-Do NOT walk up the line.  We understand you are excited to be at Wasteland Weekend!  However, this is dangerous, and slows us down badly when the Check In team has to stop and find a car owner, or escort you back to your car.

-Have your valid, government issued, photo ID with a birthdate on it, and your ticket ready!  We accept both printed and electronic tickets, but everyone in the vehicle will need both items.  

-If you bought a ticket from someone, make sure they have edited the ticket in Eventbrite so your ticket reflects your name. Only the original ticket purchaser may edit tickets.  If you’re the SECOND (or third or fourth) person to buy a particular ticket, the ORIGINAL purchaser must still make the change for you. If that isn’t possible, Wasteland staff can make the changes for you if you contact us at wastelandweekend@gmail.com. But do it NOW, because there is no guarantee we’ll have time to help you once the event starts.

-Tune into 88.3 for Wasteland Radio!