Music Lineup For Wasteland Weekend 2019

March 27th, 2019

Wasteland Weekend features live bands and DJs brought in from far and wide to play you a variety of hard-edged music.


(Lineup is always subject to change. Watch our social media for announcements)

The FULL Entertainment Schedule including all performers and performance times, can be downloaded here: WW Entertainment Schedule 2019 9_23

For the auspicious occasion of our TENTH YEAR we are so honored to announce many of our favorite musicans will be returning to our stage along with some exciting new acts for an incredible lineup that celebrates years past, and looks to the future.


In addition to our main stage, our bonfire dance area returns, with DJs spinning every night at…

the PIT
(scroll down for more about the PIT)



Get ready for a music festival unlike any other.
(Schedule and lineup always subject to change)



Playing Saturday night, September 28th, 2019

Since their memorable first appearance at Wasteland in 2015, 3TEETH have taken the world by storm, touring with acts like Tool, Primus, Danzig, Rammstein, and Ministry.
Their latest album Metawar was released on July 5th, 2019.


Electro-industrial from Mexico City, making their first appearance on our Wasteland stage! Get ready for beats and adrenaline from Hocico!
(playing Saturday, September 28th)


Where Old School 90’s Industrial Rock and Nu Metal meet modern Cyber, EDM, Break Beats and Electronic Production… Hints of 90’s Ministry, Manson, NIN, Zombie and More… Music Fueled By Steampunk Veterans Kato & D-Punk (of Abney Park)


Returning to Wasteland Weekend for the 8th year in a row – AHTCK is Southern-California Post-ApocaROCK and the closest thing Wasteland has to our own house band!

AHTCK Facebook page



You’ll recognize Cage9’s song “Wasteland” as the soundtrack for last year’s WW Highlight’s Reel video!  Hear it on the band’s new album “Hypesthesia,” and live this year as they return to bring their brand of heavy and melodic boot stompers to the Wasteland stage!  Cage9 has also shared the stage with everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Bad Religion and Asking Alexandria.




Every year, they fly over from the UK and try to set a new bar for the level of mayhem on our main stage, and nothing could keep them away from our 10 year celebration!



Back after their incredible debut in 2018! They’re addicted to the wastes now.
Down and dirty industrial metal.
(Friday, Sept 27th)



Phoenix Arizona’s own Element a440 is back after a one-year hiatus. And just in time! They are one of the quintessential post-apocalyptic bands and we need them for our tenth year celebration!
(Playing Saturday, Sept 28th)


Her performance at Wasteland last year was the one that everyone was talking about. And she raised the bar again when she returned to play the 2019 Wastelanders Ball. Her fanbase keeps growing and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us when she returns to our main stage.
Watch her incredible encore of We Don’t Need Another Hero from Wasteland 2018

(Saturday, Sept 28th)


One of L.A.’s great songwriters and singers, and a veteran of our Wasteland stage, we’re excited that Jason Charles Miller will be coming back for our 10th Wasteland this September:
Watch his video for IN THE WASTELAND!


photo by Neil Jarvie

Making their Wasteland debut, it’s Arnocorps!
The unparalleled pioneers of Action Adventure Hardcore Rock n’ Roll, determined to unleash the heroic potential of audiences throughout the Wasteland!
(Thursday, Sept 26th)


Bringing back one of your favorites for year 10! The only type of rain we like to have in the wastelands – Dublin Rain! Celtic rock at the main stage on Thursday night.
Video of their first WW performance


With screaming guitars and theatrics, Dead Fervor have created a sound that’s truly unique. As lead singer X puts it “We want to put some guts back in Rock N Roll, it needs to feel a little dangerous again”. Playing Wednesday night.

Not far from the Main Stage, you’ll find… The PIT.

At the edge of the plains of silence… that’s where we make our noise.

Surrounded by the wrecks of ships left stranded in the sand – it’s the Wasteland’s bonfire dance area.

Here the music starts at sundown and doesn’t stop until late into the night. Wastelanders come to dance in the shadow of the Exxon Valdez (It’s actually an original set piece from Waterwold!)

An assortment of top DJs from California and beyond will spin a variety of music in the Wasteland.

The music of Wasteland Weekend is an eclectic mix. There’s goth/industrial dance in heavy rotation, but also anything that fits in with the varied interpretations of the post-apocalyptic, Mad Max vibe.

DJ Amanda Jones will once again be spinning at Wasteland in 2019 – Her set begins Midnight on Saturday.

Here is some of what genres the other DJs will be spinning this year so you can plan your dancing accordingly:

DJ Rekahoe will be playing Industrial Techno, Drum & Bass, and various dark electronic tracks from various genres of music.
DJ Sprite spins industrial, rhythmic noise, techno-industrial, EBM aggrotech, power noise, tribal, and other dark and dancey electronics.
DJ Malice Vext specializes in Modern Industrial, Goth, & all manner of similar sub genres.
DJ Decima plays with Industrial, Noize, Hardbeat and New Beat.
DJ Krieg plays classic punk, Post Punk, Industrial, EBM, New Wave and much more.
DJ Joe Virus spins a mix of Industrial, Goth, Retro, Electro and whatever else makes the wastelanders happy.
DJ [Sin]aptik runs with multiple genres, her sets are typically very high energy.  Her favorite generes are dark techno, power noise/industrial, and bass/tech house.
Define.human will play a selection of Industrial Techno, EBM, and Rhythmic Noise

And don’t forget, WASTELAND RADIO broadcasts 24/7 on 88.3 FM, bringing the sounds of the Wasteland to your camp, car, or old world radio receiver!