Wasteland Weekend 2015 – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

What a weekend! What a lovely weekend!


Wasteland Weekend 2015 is now one for the history books. Our largest and best event ever, hands down (at least that’s what our veteran attendees have been shouting at us).

We are JUST NOW getting back from tearing down and cleaning up, so we haven’t had much time yet for all the recaps and thank yous, but those are coming. Our volunteer army are a bunch of dystopian heroes. And our attendees have proven once again why Wasteland is the most unique, most welcoming, most badass place on Earth.

We’ve been getting great press and we have so many photos and such great video material still coming, you’ll be able to relive (or enjoy vicariously if you missed it) this latest Wasteland for months to come.

Stay tuned!

(If you are a member of the press looking to find out more about this year’s event, or to get some photos, including exclusive galleries, please click HERE).

WW 2015 drone shot by Pavel