Wasteland Weekend 2022 was an epic return to the apocalypse!

Wasteland Weekend Once Again Throws Epic Party At The End Of The World 

LOS ANGELES, CA October 2nd, 2022 –

Thousands gathered in full-costume (a requirement) at the world’s most unique immersive music & arts festival – Wasteland Weekend in Southern California. Attendees were back in bigger numbers as the actual global pandemic starts to fade so that the fictional global apocalypse can once again spark the creative spirit.

Wasteland Weekend has taken place in the Mojave Desert in California since it was founded in 2010. The one of a kind event is a combination of live bands, crazy cars, amazing costumes, movie-style set pieces and atmosphere, all in an immersive/interactive entertainment.

Attendees included many veterans of the large community that the events have spawned, along with a sizable group of first-timers. “It’s exciting to see so many new people experiencing this event for the first time and adding so positively to this fictional world we’ve been building,” said co-owner and Event Director Jared Butler. “It’s crazy to think that word is still spreading and the community is still growing after more than ten years.”

“The first time someone steps into the Wasteland, they usually get hooked,” co-owner Adam Chilson added. “Their regular world never seems quite the same after.”

It’s easy to understand why Wastelanders (as they call themselves) are so passionate about this desert gathering 2 hours north of Los Angeles. Unlike most other desert parties, car shows, or music concerts (Wasteland is all three), this one requires EVERYONE to be in costume. This includes all attendees, staff members, and visiting journalists. The idea is to create a full-immersion effect, allowing festival goers to feel like they’re inside a Mad Max-style movie for 5 days.

This year’s event ran from September 28th to October 2nd. Main Stage entertainment included legendary Mexican industrial duo Hocico as part of their West Coast tour, underground metal band Dead By Wednesday filming a live music video for their new album, old school punk band Soldiers of Destruction, Militia Vox from New York, Portland’s Dead Animal Assembly Plant, and many more.

(Full band lineup at: https://www.wastelandweekend.com/entertainment2022/ )

But of course in Wasteland City, music is just the beginning. Beyond bands, DJs, bars and party lounges, there was an epic car cruise with over 100 Mad Max-style vehicles, an actual Thunderdome with nightly fights, a post-apocalyptic swimsuit competition, film festival, light-hearted role-playing challenges like a bounty-hunting game, crafting workshops, a casino, makeovers at the event-sponsored post-apocalyptic beauty salon, fire performers, a 24 hour radio station, an archery and axe-throwing range, a daily printed newspaper, RC car death races, mini robot battles, and much, much more.

With hundreds more attendees than 2021 along with the return of The Thunderdome, more live bands than ever, and many veteran coming home after what felt like a long absence, 2022 had die-hard Wastelanders declaring it one-of-the-best, if not THE best Wasteland Weekends, ever.

There’s no question, the fallout from Wasteland’s initial blast is still spreading far and wide. Over a decade later, it’s clear the Party at the End of the World is here to stay.

Wasteland Weekend will return September 27th-October 1st of 2023. But before that, year two of the cyberpunk sister event from the same organizers, NEOTROPOLIS, will take place April 26th-30th, 2023. More information about that event can be found here: www.neotropolis.com

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