Wastelander of the Month

Wasteland Weekend is currently taking submissions for a monthly Wasteland Woman of the Month and Wasteland Man of the Month photo contest. The deadline for receiving a photo of you decked out in full costume will be each month on the 20th. On that day, our best submissions will be posted on Facebook and our Facebook fans will vote, using the “Like” function, until the end of the month. On the first of each month, starting in February, the person with the most likes becomes the winner. The winners’ photos will be featured on Facebook and on this page.

Please e-mail your submission to fallout6bazaar@hotmail.co.uk

Details: Your photo and costume can only be submitted once. Please do not send multiple photos – only one will be posted for voting. Your head must be in the photo (masked or otherwise). Please send your photo as a Facebook-compatible file (jpg, gif, png, etc).  This contest is open to the general public – the photos do not have to be from Wasteland Weekend. Please trust that we have received your submission – we may not send you a confirmation of receipt.

Become a fan of Wasteland Weekend on Facebook today to be eligible to vote.